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Our Leadership

Ward Church is led by the oversight of a Board of Active Ruling Elders, referred to as “Session.” It is under Session that our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Scott McKee, and the rest of the staff sits. Ward is also led and guided by a Board of Trustees who oversee the facility, finances and legal affairs. We encourage you to learn more about our staff and their roles here at Ward Church.


The ministry of the elders is one of spiritual oversight. Learn more.

The New Testament is clear that the church is to be led by a plurality of godly leaders under the oversight and watchful care of elders. The elders are given ultimate responsibility and authority to see that the church remains on a true course biblically, that its members are being appropriately shepherded, that the body is being fed through insightful and accurate biblical teaching, and that the life of the church is being well managed with the assistance of other competent and godly leaders.

Active Ruling Elders:

Class of 2017 Class of 2017 Class of 2019
  • Jim Ewing
  • Steve McKinnie
  • Mike Roberts
  • Gerri Sutherland
  • David Brudi
  • Phyllis Ellsworth
  • Rick Martin
    - Clerk of Session
  • David Wood
  • Rill Currie
  • Sally Drago
  • Joe Goode
  • Alan Munday


The ministry of the Trustees is one of provision. Learn more.

The Trustees enable the ministry of others by providing three important “tools” for ministry: facilities, finances, and legal affairs. Normally, the board of trustees is made up of men and women who have some expertise in these areas and who desire to advance the work of the church by providing these foundational elements.

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
  • Doug Blake – Chairman
  • Jane Botting
  • Bret Chiles
  • Dan Mahlmeister
  • Keith Krueger
  • Greg Middlemis
  • Frank Pierron
  • Mark VandenBerg
  • Jana Czopek
  • Allison DeHorn
  • Mark Lewis
  • John Willis


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