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Short-Term Trips


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Short Term Trips 2017

Each year, Ward takes a number of short-term ministry trips to support our global partners and other strategic ministries.

Availability for trips is limited, so applying does not guarantee a spot on the trip. You will be contacted by the Global Short Term Trip Team and Trip Team Leader once your application has been processed.

There is a $100 application deposit that is required to be submitted along with this application. If your application is approved, this will be credited towards the amount of support that you need to raise for the trip. If your application is not approved then you will be refunded your deposit.

Spain STM Trip | OPEN

Trip Leader: Georgia Coats

Location: Spain

Dates: May 6th – 18th

Cost: $2,100

Team Size: 5-7 people

Register online

Description: Will support the work of Ward missionary Dr. Stephen Kelley, as he carries out a training seminar for believers/pastors from the Middle East and North Africa. Will spend time serving, supporting, and connecting with participants at the training center.

Must be over 16 or older, Spanish and/or Arabic speakers preferred

Lebanon STM Trip | PENDING

Trip Leader: Mark Lewis

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Dates: Summer 2017

Cost: $2,100

Team Size: 12-14 people

Registration Coming

Description: Will work with a preschool ministry, a partner of the EPC. This project is centered on at-risk families who are refugees, NGOs, or low income Lebanese families. It is a day-care/preschool for children ages 1 -3. It is a holistic ministry for the community. Their goal is church planting through children and families. Will spend one week loving children and working with families and teachers.

Must be 18 or older

Malaysia Prayer STM Trip | PENDING

Trip Leader: Ed Sena

Location: Malaysia

Dates: Summer 2017

Cost: $2,200

Team Size: 3-6 people

Registration Coming

Description: Our denomination has called us to pray specifically for the Malay people, one of the most unreached people in the world. Join a small team to go and pray for our cross-cultural workers in Malaysia, the Malay people, the communities, and work as you prayer walk in southern Malaysia.

Must be 18 or older

High School/World Vision STM Trip | OPEN

Trip Leader: Director of Next Generation-Students

Location: West Virginia

Dates: July 30th – August 5th

Cost: $599

Team Size: 40 participants

Register online

Description: Will partner with World Vision for communities that are under resourced but hard at work. Our team will lend our hands to Gospel restoration initiatives that improve quality of life in a hand-up fashion for residents in West Virginia.

Those who have completed 9-12th grades during the 2016-2017 school year

Middle School Detroit STM Trip | OPEN

Trip Leader: Christina Long

Location: Central Detroit

Dates: July 30th – August 4th

Cost: $299

Team Size: No Limit

Register online

Description: Will spend a week putting our hands to gospel restoration work in the city of Detroit. We’ll work in the CDC neighborhood on homes, gardens and more. This is a very great way for middle school students to see how different the world is for others.

Those who have completed 6-8th grades during the 2016-2017 school year

India STM Trip | OPEN

Trip Leader: Chris Meagher

Location: India

Dates: September 6th – 18th

Cost: $2,600

Team Size: 14-16 people

Register online

Description: Will partner with our Open Doors India partners in their work with the Dalit people, specifically with the jogini community providing medical treatment as well as other opportunities.

Must be 16 or older and medical experience preferred but not required

Ward Church is an Accredited Member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission